Become a Cornerstone Partner

We chose our name for a reason. Cornerstone Real Estate Partners anchors us to our mission of providing the best brokerage experience for our team members. If you're looking to grow your business email us to learn more

Why Cornerstone?

Favorable  80/20 Splits

Our splits are simple and aggressive. We want to incentivize agents to sell!

We beat the other guys!


We don't FEE

What the other folks don't tell you about is the marketing fee, the transaction fee, the desk fee.



The Right Culture and Resources

Whether you are looking for active hands on coaching, a team atmosphere or just the autonomy and resources to grow your book of business we provide it.

We are looking for the best and most motivated agents Atlanta has

  • Competitive Splits

  • Grow Your Own Business

  • Free Marketing Materials

  • Hands on Coaching

  • Office Provided Leads

  • Fun Work Environment

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Zero Monthly Fees

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  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn